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Frequently Asked Questions


I am a massage professional; can I get just the videos?

For the massage professional already in practice, we offer a professional package which includes the complete 14 video course, a workbook, a four-piece BodyCushion???, and 3 videos on how to build a large massage practice. $2,495 plus $50 shipping and handling.

How do I get certified?
Upon completion of the course curriculum and logging 100 hours of practice, you can apply for a certification weekend in Virginia. You will be tested with both written and practical tests. Assuming you pass both tests, you will receive certification and a wall certificate. The weekend is an intensive review and business training class and costs $500 per person. Lodging and transportation are the responsibility of the attendee. We will help you secure a room at a reasonable cost near our offices.

Can I get a Massage License with this course?

Each state has its own licensing requirements. As each state is different it is essential that you check with the local Board of Licensing or City Council to learn what your locality requires. Many states do not have any regulation for massage professionals. Other states require a certain number of hours of study to appply for a massage license. Upon our certification, you will have earned 150 hours to apply towards this goal.

Can I take the National Certification Exam with this course?

The National exam is based upon the training curriculum for Swedish massage and does not address Canadian Deep Muscle Massage in our opinion.

Over 70% of those who learn Swedish massage in schools leave the business in their first year. We are interested in training those who love to nurture others and have a burning desire to make our world a better place to live in. If you are a hard worker and want to be of service to others, our course is for you.

No written test can gauge your tactile skills. Your future success depends on your ability to relieve stress and reduce pain. A wall certificate does not make you good or bad. It is your ability to perform that will set you apart from the average and ordinary of this world.

Great massage comes from the hands and heart of one with the gift of touch. Before you invest in any course it would be good to try massage using ???How to Massage Like a Pro??? or some other inexpensive forum.

How long does it take to complete the course?

It is totally up to you, as it is dependent on your self motivation. One student finished the course in four weeks while some have taken up to two years. The beauty of this is: it’s simply your choice!