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Go from Rags to Riches with Massage

My Rag to Riches Story.
What Will Your Story Be?

??By Will Green


As a young man, I once lived in my car for three weeks because I didn’t want to ask my family for help. It was a wonderful experience that helped me grow up. Success is the journey, not the destination. In life I have enjoyed little, and I have enjoyed much. What is most important to me is whether or not this planet will be better off by my time here.


Massage work became a great opportunity to help others and build wealth.

When I first looked at massage, I noticed that most of the massage professionals I met were not experienced or trained in the business basics that were second nature to me. From my point of view, there was no competition in this field. The better the service I offered, the higher my income would be. I didn’t know many people who earned $50 or more per hour working forty hours a week. In the beginning of my massage career I saw my practice as my sole source of income. I knew that if I worked full time, 40 hours a week, as most of us are used to my income would be over $100,000 a year.

Soon after I started my massage career, my marriage dissolved. At first I was in dire need of money to pay off my debts and to raise my daughter. At the time, I was a single dad with a thirteen-year old to feed and care for. All I wanted was to have a little more than enough money to pay my bills and take care of her. Life was a lot more fun when I could pay my bills and have a little extra to play with.

Not long after I started my massage career, money was no longer a problem. Soon, I had at least $1,000 cash in my pocket at all times. When money is no longer a problem, other more important things move to the forefront. Spiritual quests and helping the world eliminate stress and pain became my life. For the first time I realized it really is more blessed to give than to receive.


Yes, I broke the rules,

My practice was up to over forty massages every week and I was breaking all the rules taught in local massage schools. I would answer the phone during my massage sessions. I was there for everyone. I would have interesting conversations with my clients as I worked on them. As I massaged my clients, I explained what I was doing and why, and they appreciated the knowledge. I shared tips on staying stress free and recommended stretch, dance and yoga classes. I continually promoted drinking lots of water every day and eating good fresh foods.


But my clients came first.

My clients were the most important people in the massage room. I arranged for my business phone to ring both in the office and at home. The phone company will do this for you if you ask. I kept my business phone next to the bed at night and I would answer the phone whenever it rang. If someone called at two in the morning I was there for them.

I ran my practice like a business. My clients came before I did. They were very important to me. As a single dad, my daughter could call me at any time and I was there for her. It was like one big happy family, my daughter, my clients and me.

By now my clients were my friends. I knew what they did for a living; I knew their hobbies, and all about their families. I often massaged entire families including children, parents, cousins and grandparents. If a regular client was hurting, I fixed them. If they were in a hard financial time, I told them to pay me later or forget it all together. On my birthday, a client I had worked on at no charge for months gave me 1,000 shares of stock in his new business enterprise. Today this stock is worth $70,000. I found that you reap the harvest of the seeds you plant.


Massage delivered my dreams.

Massage became the vehicle that delivered me my dreams. Being involved in a health-related multilevel marketing company, I always wanted to make new friends and new contacts. ? Quite often my clients became my friends, and we helped each other build successful multilevel marketing businesses.

The more friends you have, the easier it is to build any business. Learn good massage techniques and offer someone a back rub. They will be impressed and when they get on your table for an hour, you can learn about each other.

If I were broke tomorrow, it would take me less than a month to build a full massage practice anywhere in America — 40 hours a week earning $100,000 a year. My clients would become my friends and great business opportunities would soon present themselves.


Let me be of service to you.

Beyond the money, the byproducts of massage have much more value than the practice itself. Life is about how much good we can do and how many friends we can help. I am interested in getting to know you. When we get to know each other, we will probably become friends.

If someone like me can build a successful massage practice, how about you? Call me, ask me anything you want, and I will be honored to be of service to you. Now is a great time to get started.

Will Green
(540) 351-0819.