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Meet your instructor Will Green

Born in our nation’s Capital

Will Green, the instructor of the Canadian Deep Muscle Massage Home Study Course, grew up as the middle child of three in Washington, D.C. He lived in a one-bedroom apartment with his parents, brother and sister until he was eleven years old. He was the smallest kid in his class and was often bullied, which probably accounts for his forthright approach today.

In 1955 his family moved into a house owned by his dad’s employer. His dad taught at St. Alban’s School, the boys school of the Washington National Cathedral and Will was a faculty brat until the ninth grade. He completed public high school at Woodrow Wilson, also in the Nation’s Capital.


Loving the outdoors

Every summer, he was shipped off to his uncle’s dairy farm in New Hampshire in an attempt to keep him out of mischief. In the early years milking was done by hand at five in the morning and five in the evening. Will learned how to work hard. ???I found hard work fulfilling,” says Will, in fact, working on the farm was the highlight of my youth.” His aunt had horses and Will learned to ride before he was ten. “Horses became one of my early teachers, recalls Will. I found that being with them was very different from just being on them. When I really connected with them, they were much easier to handle.”


Entrepreneurial at a young age

At age thirteen, having a love of speed, he bought his first car and began to turn it into a hotrod. This experience taught him that, as with horses, finding a way to work with, rather than work on, was more effective.

From an early age, Will’s dream was “to have a home in the country, lots of land, a house full of kids, nice cars and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.” Will began his first paid job at age eleven delivering newspapers. He carried The Washington Post in the morning and The Evening Star after school. On weekends he mowed lawns and did odd jobs in the neighborhood. When he was eighteen, Will landed a job with a Chevrolet dealership as assistant service manager. A few years later he bought his first Mobil gas station and soon owned two. This educated him in accounting, marketing and business management.”I opened at six every morning and closed at eleven each night,” recalls Will. His hard work paid off financially; however it didn’t take long for him to have his fill of being married to a business.

Will sold his gas station business and tried real estate for a few years. His new boss taught him how to sell and he soon became the number one salesman in a company of four hundred agents. He did not enjoy real estate and through the coaching of a friend created a silk screen printing business. For the next eighteen years he operated Silk Screen America. In 1988 Will closed the doors because he was spending more time chasing people who owed him money than he was printing. He vowed that he would never again own a business that required accounts receivable.


Introduced to massage

When Will was in his forties, his wife bought him a massage gift certificate as a birthday present. She asked him how he liked it. I tried to avoid the answer but finally had to tell her that the massage was terrible.” The next week she bought him another one. He didn’t want it but agreed to try one more time. He told her it was better but he didn’t understand why people would spend their money on massage. She was so determined to have him like massage that she bought him a third one. This time it was great. The man who worked on me really got into my muscles and I felt ten years younger.”

His wife then bought him a ten-hour massage class so Will could learn how to do massage for her benefit. The class was two hours long for five Sundays, and Will immediately took to it. “It changed my life,” says Will. “I found massage so fulfilling I made a total career change.”


Jumps into massage”with both feet”

Although I was quite nervous the first time I massaged a stranger, I quickly fell in love with the work,” says Will. “I jumped into the massage field with both feet, enrolling in anatomy, physiology and kinesiology night classes at a local university.”

In less than a year, Will was seeing over forty clients a week, and he was delighted to have no accounts receivable! His experiences were all being called on — his hard work as a child, the teachings from horseback riding, sales training and owning a business. The difference was that now all of those skills were brought to bear in a profession that fulfilled him beyond his wildest dreams.

He spent his days helping people, and they gave him money for it. “It was the most rewarding thing I had ever done with my life,” says Will. He gave away seven or eight free massages every week to people who were unable to pay him. Soon he was massaging clients ten to twelve hours a day, seven days a week. Massage was no longer work; it was his passion.

Massage opened huge opportunities for Will. He began developing social and business relationships with his clients and many became his closest friends. He would often introduce clients to each other to help them develop their businesses. He was introduced to great business investment opportunities and his income grew. In five years his net worth grew dramatically.

Begins his teaching career

In 1990, Will began teaching Canadian Deep Muscle Massage to add skilled massage professionals to his massage center Georgetown Bodyworks. To date he has trained almost 500 massage professionals with his Video Home Study Courses. Additionally, over 10,000 couples have learned to massage each other from his Massage Like a Pro video sold in stores, catalogs and on the Internet.

Supports the massage industry

Will’s love of massage was so great, that in 1994 he founded the International Massage Association which has grown to over 34,000 members. In the year 2000, Will’s educational site www.aboutmassage.com was launched.

Will often says that the best way to learn any business is to find a master and study under him or her. In the world of massage, Will is a master, and he will take you by the hand and walk you through the learning process. He will teach you how to have a successful career in the natural health care field through fun, knowledgeable, and easy-to-learn instruction.

The rewards of a massage career are unbelievable. It has made my dreams come true. The ability to help people. Successful businesses. Children. A new home in the country. And, of course, my trucks and Harleys.”