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See the Opportunity in Massage

See the opportunity


By Will Green,
Founder of Canadian Deep Muscle Massage

When I first looked into massage as a business opportunity, I realized that while massage professionals are thoroughly trained in all aspects of massage, they are given very little training in business and were missing great opportunities to build their practices.

With my expertise in business I knew I could quickly build a successful practice using the most effective massage techniques available. The key to success in business is to give your clients what they really want; better yet, what they really need. In massage, clients want and need relief from stress, tension and pain. Relaxation massage is a luxury that can be tossed aside when time or money is short. Effective pain-relief massage is a necessity that is always in high demand.

The average wage in America is $27,000 a year. Think about this equation: in the professional massage field one earns $50 to $60 per hour. Working full-time, at 40 hours a week, this adds up to $2,000 per week or $100,000 a year with two weeks off for vacation. Not many people I know earn this much money.

There is one catch. Not everyone can be a quality massage professional. This is a very intimate business. Clients need to be educated about massage. Table-side manners are also extremely important. Only those with integrity will ultimately be successful. Self-centered people risk tripping over their selfishness and becoming more important than their clients. Soon, they will have no clients. Clients have to be number one. Pure motives create an environment for huge incomes.


Love massage

I quickly fell passionately in love with massage, and knew it was time to set some goals and design a business plan. It soon became obvious that this was not only a wonderful service but a great business opportunity as well. To launch my practice, I decided to give away 30 massages to business owners who in turn could send me clients. It cost me nothing but time and laundry (I had to wash a lot of sheets!). I decided to give my clients half a massage free for each referral they sent me. As soon as I massaged a client’s referral, I would call them to schedule their massage at 50% off. My practice filled up quickly.

I love being of service to others. I knew in my heart that I would honor my clients and give them the respect they deserved. Those who are successful in the massage field like serving others. Their clients must come before they do. There is nothing more fulfilling as genuinely helping someone else.


Understand the industry

Nurses, health care professionals and teachers are flocking into the massage field. Massage is becoming known as the logical way to get rid of pain and stress. It doesn???t rely on drugs. ??The well educated often try massage first instead of as a last resort.

The spa industry has done an admirable job of teaching people the value of massage in relaxation. Day spas are popping up everywhere focusing their businesses on relaxation. Let’s face it, we could all use a vacation and a quality one-hour massage can make you feel you???re there!

The relaxation industry has given us a huge opportunity; however, there is a bigger opportunity available. The pain relief industry. Did you know that over 50% of all primary care physician visits are for headaches? Headaches are the number one health care dilemma in the U.S. today. A person can not possibly do their best with a headache. What do most folks do? They pop a pill. They put drugs into their bodies — drugs that have side effects.


Learn effective massage

Massage is a natural cure for most headaches with only positive side effects such as relaxation, better circulation and more energy. I figured out that most headaches were stress related, and as muscle tension is usually found in the neck and shoulders, a good back, shoulder, and neck rub gets rid of most headaches.

Many massage schools teach that relaxation is the reason most people seek massage. As I observed the massage professionals around me, those who got rid of pain were the most successful. I realized that a massage technique that fixes problems would build a practice faster than a technique that merely provides relaxation. The truth is, fix-it massage has no competition. I studied the best fix-it techniques and developed what would become Canadian Deep Muscle Massage through more than 30,000 hours of study and practice.

How does one fix a problem in the body? The answer is simple. We don’t. All we do is increase circulation and allow the body to fix itself. Pain comes from lack of oxygen. Most of the time, lack of oxygen comes from lack of circulation. Understanding this one concept built my practice. If you understand this, it can change your life. The massage technique I will teach you fixes most muscular problems. It is the easiest technique to learn because it is fundamental. Just a few minutes of strategic shoulder massage usually makes most common aches and pains disappear. There are many roads to take in the massage industry. This road is the quickest


Develop confidence

I had a student in a town of 70,000 people who told me that nobody in his town wanted massage. I drove there one afternoon and got a haircut at a upscale hair salon. I left the salon with six appointments for that evening. I called my student at one in the morning, woke him up, and gave him the names of the six people I had just massaged. Why was it so easy for me to get clients? Because I know what massage can do. I have developed confidence.

Confidence defines the winners in life. I want to teach you how to develop your confidence. We get self-confidence from our victories in life. Buy a notebook and begin to note all the times you have tried some feat and succeeded. You learned the alphabet. You learned how to read. You probably learned to drive a car and can successfully navigate streets and highways. Understand what I???m saying?
When you learn massage, make a list of each problem you fix. Make a page for headaches and every time you fix one, put that person’s name in your book. Pretty soon your book will be full. When you have fixed two hundred headaches and someone questions your abilities, will this shake your confidence? Absolutely not!

I will teach you every secret that I have learned in the massage business. I will not hold anything back. It is extremely important to me that you have a flourishing practice. If you follow my lead, you can be as successful as I have been. Your success is my success.


Make massage work for you

I know from experience that it is possible to do 70 hours of massage a week for five years. I also know that most massage techniques wear the practitioner out. My technique does not. I am the living proof of that. I will teach you how to use your body, instead of your muscles, to massage a client. At the end of a ten-hour massage day you will still have the energy to play with your friends and family. I will teach you how to save your hands, wrists, and lower back.


Fulfill your dreams

If your dream requires $50,000 per year, you will need to massage four people a day, five days a week. If your dream requires $100,000 per year, you will need to massage eight people a day, five days a week. Whatever your dream is, Canadian Deep Muscle Massage can be the vehicle to get you there. You must be willing to work hard and want to be of service to others. This is a servant’s calling and if you feel that this is your calling, I want to help guide you on the massage path.

The market is wide open. We really don’t have any competition. Of those who go to massage schools, 70% fail within the first two years. Most do not know how to get clients and have a technique that caters to relaxation, not to fixing problems.

If you are already a massage professional and are not succeeding, I would be honored to help you. I have a special program designed to teach massage professionals how to succeed. We need all the massage professionals we can train. We also need teachers to share this great work. Please call me if you are interested in these tremendous opportunities.